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Location Singapore

Singapore is constantly rated as one of the world’s best places for starting and doing business. With its investment friendly business climate and far sighted and progressive economic policy, Singapore easily attracts foreign investment. It is therefore not surprising that Singapore ranks among the leading countries in terms of economic strength, efficiency and attractiveness.

Political stability, policies that foster and emphasise foreign investment, a good comprehensive education system, numerous Free Trade and Double Taxation Agreements, efficient government authorities, one of the lowest crime rates in the world, a superior infrastructure and well-developed transport network and a dependable legal system are the assets of the island state. In comparison to many other countries, Singapore frequently attains the best results in areas which are of concern to investors, e. g. efficient bureaucracy, low corruption, the protection of IP rights and an attractive tax regime.

As South East Asia’s finance and business hub, Singapore is still a central place for foreign investors in the Asia-Pacific area. Almost all leading multinational companies have a presence in Singapore. Increasingly, dynamic medium sized firms have discovered Singapore as an attractive country for conducting or supervising their business in Asia. Today more than 17,000 international companies call Singapore home. Foreign companies and entrepreneurs from countries with high tax rates or restrictive business environments are particularly attracted to Singapore.

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